Sunday, February 24, 2013

sisters ;)

I am so excited for Kaylee to get a little sister. I think about it all the time. I am so excited to dress them in matching outfits and let them play together. I am so looking forward to doing little tea parties together. I like to imagine the future and how fun it will be to watch them play dress up, barbie’s and house together. All the things that I loved doing with my own sisters. My cousins Ressa and Rie Rie are pretty close in age. They are so sweet and always do everything together. Rie Rie calls Ressa her sissy. I think that is so sweet and that’s how I imagine my girls being. I already have matching onsies for them and big sister a little sister shirts. We talk to Kaylee all the time about her sister. If we ask her “where is the baby”, or “where is Claire” she will point to my belly and love on it. My mom was looking at one of the blogs she follows a couple days ago and there was a tiny new born babe in the blog. My mom showed Kaylee the pictures of him and she would hold her hands by her face and go “ohohohohoh”. It was too sweet. Then about two weeks ago I was watching my cousin Lucy who is about 7 months old and more than half the size of Kaylee, and Kaylee loved loved her. She wanted to hold the baby and love on the baby. When Lisa got back to pick up Lucy she put her in the car seat and Kaylee cried. She sat in the window and watched them walk away and cried and cried. She is going to be the best big sister EVER!! I cannot wait until the first time Kaylee sees Claire. I can’t wait for her to hug her and kiss her and put them in their sister shirts. I think she is going to love being a big sister, even though I know she will have some jealousy issues. Not with me though, with my mom. She is so attached to my mom. Half the time she prefers my mom to me. The end of pregnancy she has become way more attached to my mom. But it must be so hard for her with all the changes. My belly is so big, I can’t really hold Kaylee. She doesn’t fit on my lap and she can’t snuggle against me. I can’t really snuggle her on the bed. I can’t pick her up and throw her in the air, or dance around or any of the fun things I used to do with her. She won’t let anyone else touch my mom. If my dad is hugging or kissing my mom she will push in between them. If he holds her hand Kaylee will pull my mom’s away. She does not love when Ada is over and getting attention from her Grammy. Kay thinks my mom is all hers. She is not going to love Grammy holding the new baby. That won’t stop Grammy though!! I feel so blessed to get my two girls. I don’t even know what I would do with a little boy, they don’t get hair bows!! I don’t think a single day goes by I don’t put a bow in Kays hair. I seriously can’t stand her hair a mess. Some days she will get her hair redone 3 or 4 times. I love her being dressed in nice clean outfits. She gets changed if she spills on herself. I love having a little girl to play dress up with. And soon I will have two girls to dress up!! I had an ultra sound yesterday and we could see Claire’s hair!! How sweet is that?! I am the luckiest mama in the world to be getting two sweet girls!! 

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