Sunday, February 24, 2013

sisters ;)

I am so excited for Kaylee to get a little sister. I think about it all the time. I am so excited to dress them in matching outfits and let them play together. I am so looking forward to doing little tea parties together. I like to imagine the future and how fun it will be to watch them play dress up, barbie’s and house together. All the things that I loved doing with my own sisters. My cousins Ressa and Rie Rie are pretty close in age. They are so sweet and always do everything together. Rie Rie calls Ressa her sissy. I think that is so sweet and that’s how I imagine my girls being. I already have matching onsies for them and big sister a little sister shirts. We talk to Kaylee all the time about her sister. If we ask her “where is the baby”, or “where is Claire” she will point to my belly and love on it. My mom was looking at one of the blogs she follows a couple days ago and there was a tiny new born babe in the blog. My mom showed Kaylee the pictures of him and she would hold her hands by her face and go “ohohohohoh”. It was too sweet. Then about two weeks ago I was watching my cousin Lucy who is about 7 months old and more than half the size of Kaylee, and Kaylee loved loved her. She wanted to hold the baby and love on the baby. When Lisa got back to pick up Lucy she put her in the car seat and Kaylee cried. She sat in the window and watched them walk away and cried and cried. She is going to be the best big sister EVER!! I cannot wait until the first time Kaylee sees Claire. I can’t wait for her to hug her and kiss her and put them in their sister shirts. I think she is going to love being a big sister, even though I know she will have some jealousy issues. Not with me though, with my mom. She is so attached to my mom. Half the time she prefers my mom to me. The end of pregnancy she has become way more attached to my mom. But it must be so hard for her with all the changes. My belly is so big, I can’t really hold Kaylee. She doesn’t fit on my lap and she can’t snuggle against me. I can’t really snuggle her on the bed. I can’t pick her up and throw her in the air, or dance around or any of the fun things I used to do with her. She won’t let anyone else touch my mom. If my dad is hugging or kissing my mom she will push in between them. If he holds her hand Kaylee will pull my mom’s away. She does not love when Ada is over and getting attention from her Grammy. Kay thinks my mom is all hers. She is not going to love Grammy holding the new baby. That won’t stop Grammy though!! I feel so blessed to get my two girls. I don’t even know what I would do with a little boy, they don’t get hair bows!! I don’t think a single day goes by I don’t put a bow in Kays hair. I seriously can’t stand her hair a mess. Some days she will get her hair redone 3 or 4 times. I love her being dressed in nice clean outfits. She gets changed if she spills on herself. I love having a little girl to play dress up with. And soon I will have two girls to dress up!! I had an ultra sound yesterday and we could see Claire’s hair!! How sweet is that?! I am the luckiest mama in the world to be getting two sweet girls!! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things a I learn from a 1 year old

When Kaylee was just a tiny baby, I was sitting on my couch and snuggling her. My mom looked at me and said that she was fun now, but just wait until she turned one.  I just rolled my eyes, how could anything possibly be more then this tiny new baby. I never imagined how right she would be. My little Kaylee is so so sweet. She has taught me so much. Every single day I learn so much from her, and every day is different. She has gotten so fun and so funny. Kay just learned how to say “uh-oh”, I die every time. I think it is the cutest thing ever!! I even tried recording it so I could turn it into the ring tone on my phone. The other day I updated my status on facebook to this: Today was a win for me as a mom. The morning started off with kaylee COVERING herself with pudding. Then when I was going to give her a bath she pooped in the tub. She has had tantrums all day and then to top it all off while walking throught the store (I was carrying her because she refused to sit in the cart) she held her hand.out to me and its covered in blood, I looked at her and she has a bloody nose. The reason? She jabbed her finger so far up her nose it bled. Yay for today!! Lol I love her.”
I love days like this. No matter how naughty she is I always think she is super cute as well. These are a couple of my favorite things I have learned about this babe:

1.      1.  Toilet paper is not only made for wiping, but is actually perfect for making edible scarves.
2.    2. Q-tips are not for cleaning out your ears. They are made for eating.
3.   3.   Chocolate pudding is much tastier if you smear it all over yourself and your tray while eating.
4.     4.The words “no, no” do not apply to you and you can continue doing whatever you want as long as you give mom a cute grin first.
5.      5.No matter how naughty you are being and how mad you make your mom, if you say mama and grin and hug her she just can’t stay mad.
6.    6.  Lotion is made to be put on by the gallons.
7.     7.You make as big of a mess as you want if the words, “uh-oh” follow.
8.    8.  If mommy is being mean and wipes your face, or gets you dressed, grandma will snuggle you and make it all better.

I love being a mommy! I cannot wait unlit my little Claire gets here. I am so excited to watch Kaylee be a big sister.  I am so excited to go through this stage again.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching Up!

It has been forever since I updated last. So much has happened. For starters I left Travis and moved home with my parents. We now have split custody of Kaylee which has been super hard for me. I hate her being gone; I can't stand the nights she is away from me. I feel sick to my stomach every time she is gone, not knowing where she is, how she is, what she is doing or who she is doing it with. I miss her like crazy when she is gone and love love the moments she gets back home to me. At the same time I know she needs to spend time with her daddy, even if I don't like how often she is actually gone with him. I'm thankful we are starting this processes with her now instead of waiting until she is older, in so many ways it's a blessing for her to be so young, and getting used to having separated parents. I feel like it will be able for her to cope with when she is

Also Kaylee turned 1 back in October!! I can't believe how big my sweet baby is getting. Her birthday was so much fun for me. Travis had Kaylee for the morning portion of her birthday and I had her for the evening. Jessica and Ada Mae came down for her birthday and brought Kaylee her favorite present, a plate with ridges to keep from spilling, with a matching spoon and fork, she uses for almost every meal. I made Kay a chocolate cake with LOTS of pink frosting and pearl sprinkles. She really didn't love the whole cake smash deal, which was a little disappointing. She hated having frosting on her hands and refused to dig into the cake. I guess its good she likes to be clean!

Kaylee has grown so much! She is almost 15 months old! Kaylee can now walk, and says so many new words. I love being able to communicate with her this way. She can nod her head yes and no, and say yea and nononononono. She says a lot of other things to, but mostly walks around saying no, no. She started sleeping in a toddler bed, but didn't handle that very well and is now back in her crib for a while longer. I have kinda, but not really, started potty training her. She went through a phase where she thought pooping in the bath tub was fun. I bought one of those toilet training rings and started taking her out of the tub and putting her on the toilet if she was trying to poop. We successfully had 3 poops and 1 pee in the toilet so far. I really should try putting her on more often and see if I can't have her potty trained by the time Claire gets here! How cool would that be?

We also missed blogging about Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Both holidays were a BLAST for me. We went down to my Grandma and Grandpa Browns for a pie night Thanksgiving Eve. Kaylee was with her dad for his half of the holiday and wasn't able to come. It was hard for me not having her there to show off and to see her playing with Ada and Bailey. I hope things like this get easier; I have a sinking feeling it doesn't though. After the pie night I went home with my Aunts Becky, Mary and Karissa. The next day I had so much fun helping them prepare their own thanksgiving dinner. They told stories about growing up and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time!! Mary made the most AMAZNG breakfast burritos I have ever had, I could eat one right now! Then Jess and Damon picked me up at two and we picked up Kaylee from her dad and drove home to Pocatello to finish the rest of the day with my parents. Ada and Kaylee wore some super cute skirts we made them, with "thankful onsides" and matching hair bows. I love dressing the same and am looking forward to matching my sweet girls. (Only about 10 weeks left and we get to meet Claire!) For Christmas Eve we stayed home with our families which were lots of fun. The house was crazy with the kids getting excited for Christmas day. I got to play Santa this year for Kaylee and it was my favorite Christmas by far. I helped my parents do Santa for the kids and we revved a real miracle this year that was such a blessing for us. Travis picked Kaylee up at 8 and had her till 4 on Christmas. Due to Kaylee being gone we moved our traditional Christmas breakfast of Christmas Casserole and sour cream cinnamon twists to Christmas dinner, so Jess and Damon and Kaylee could be here for it. Instead we had stuffed French toast and bacon for breakfast. Jess got here about 12 and then my dad drove me to pick up Kay at 4. She had enough of present opening by the time I got her and didn't want to open her presents but loved everything I got her anyways.

Now hopefully we are all caught up and I will try to blog more often, but we will see how it goes!! One more thing... I chopped off my hair! I have always loved having short hair and it was such good therapy after leaving Travis to just chop it all!!