Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things a I learn from a 1 year old

When Kaylee was just a tiny baby, I was sitting on my couch and snuggling her. My mom looked at me and said that she was fun now, but just wait until she turned one.  I just rolled my eyes, how could anything possibly be more then this tiny new baby. I never imagined how right she would be. My little Kaylee is so so sweet. She has taught me so much. Every single day I learn so much from her, and every day is different. She has gotten so fun and so funny. Kay just learned how to say “uh-oh”, I die every time. I think it is the cutest thing ever!! I even tried recording it so I could turn it into the ring tone on my phone. The other day I updated my status on facebook to this: Today was a win for me as a mom. The morning started off with kaylee COVERING herself with pudding. Then when I was going to give her a bath she pooped in the tub. She has had tantrums all day and then to top it all off while walking throught the store (I was carrying her because she refused to sit in the cart) she held her hand.out to me and its covered in blood, I looked at her and she has a bloody nose. The reason? She jabbed her finger so far up her nose it bled. Yay for today!! Lol I love her.”
I love days like this. No matter how naughty she is I always think she is super cute as well. These are a couple of my favorite things I have learned about this babe:

1.      1.  Toilet paper is not only made for wiping, but is actually perfect for making edible scarves.
2.    2. Q-tips are not for cleaning out your ears. They are made for eating.
3.   3.   Chocolate pudding is much tastier if you smear it all over yourself and your tray while eating.
4.     4.The words “no, no” do not apply to you and you can continue doing whatever you want as long as you give mom a cute grin first.
5.      5.No matter how naughty you are being and how mad you make your mom, if you say mama and grin and hug her she just can’t stay mad.
6.    6.  Lotion is made to be put on by the gallons.
7.     7.You make as big of a mess as you want if the words, “uh-oh” follow.
8.    8.  If mommy is being mean and wipes your face, or gets you dressed, grandma will snuggle you and make it all better.

I love being a mommy! I cannot wait unlit my little Claire gets here. I am so excited to watch Kaylee be a big sister.  I am so excited to go through this stage again.

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